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Our Policies


All students must be currently registered with the office. This is done on an annual basis. The fee is $35 per year per family (not student). Online registration will still require a paper copy of information each year.

Once enrolled students WILL remain enrolled until you notify office staff to drop your child from their class. If you wish to withdraw at anytime, WE REQUIRE A TWO WEEK DROP NOTICE. You will be billed for the two weeks following the date of withdrawal. Withdrawal must be done through the office staff only, not an instructor. Email is preferred. The office must document the date of withdrawal for you.

Once payment is made for the month of class NO REFUNDS will be issued.

Monthly fees will be paid first on all accounts before other fees that have accrued for that student(s).


Billing is done on a monthly basis. Classes are to be paid the week prior to the upcoming month. A bill will be sent to the email address you have registered with by the 20th of each month. A late fee of $20 will be put on your account on the 8th of the month for unpaid monthly tuition.

Classes Missed

We have designated a time and instructor for each student. If your child misses a class, there is not a makeup. There are classes that fall on a holiday or break, and the gym will be closed accordingly. Monthly fees remain the same. This allows us to keep a good student/teacher ratio.

Designated Areas for Parents and Students

Parents and observers are NOT to go into the GYM AREA. This includes walking through to the other balcony. This is a policy that we must enforce for the safety of our students and others. At NO time should any person be on the mats or equipment without an instructor employed at Lucas Gymnastics.

Arrival and Pick Up

Students may be dropped off or parents may choose to walk them in and view the class from a designated area. Students will be dismissed and wait for parents inside the building unless we have staff outside to wait with them. If you will be late picking your child up, call us and we will notify him or her. We expect students to arrive and leave in a timely manner.

The area outside in front of our main entrance door is reserved for parents to drop off and pick up their children. This is not a parking area. If entering the building DO NOT park your car there while entering the building. This makes it unsafe for our kids who are walking to their cars.

During Class

Students are to remain in class until dismissal. If your child needs to leave early, notify the office or their instructor to have them released. Drink and bathroom breaks can be given, but the student needs to ask first. We expect each participant to show respect and follow directions when given, for them to listen and be prepared to learn each time they arrive.

Phones, Cameras, and Video

This should not be a distraction to students in the gym. Whether it is a student, parent or instructor. Students are not to bring their phones into class unless there is a specific reason. Texting friends and social media is not one of them. Phones will politely be taken to the front office for this. No flash photography.

Trial Classes

We do offer trial classes as long as the class has an opening and has not reached the maximum number of students. Cost is $15.

Activities and Fees

My Gymnastics Day is a program at our gym where the students get to show off their skills they have been working on throughout the year. Seating is made available for parents, relatives and friends to watch and cheer the students on. They are given a certificate and small award.

Recreational students are expected to attend.

This event is scheduled for April 17, 2020. Cost is $35.

Open Gym

Open Gym is typically two times a month on Friday from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. You can find the dates posted in the lobby or on our website All students are welcome, as well as their friends. We have staff here ready to help them and encourage students to work gymnastics. Cost is $15 per participant. Students that are currently enrolled, may use tickets to pay up to $5 off this cost, tickets are worth .50 cents each (students enrolled in classes only may use tickets). Open gym age restrictions: 7 years old and up only.

We also have these events:

Summer Camps TBD

Date We Will Be Closed

Labor Day Sept. 7, 2020
Thanksgiving Week Nov. 23-29, 2020
Christmas Break Dec. 22 – Jan. 3, 2021
Memorial Day and End of School Year May 31 – Jun. 6, 2021

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